"Connecting people around the world to their Irish heritage"

Irish Creation is based in the green heart of the west of Ireland, Galway City, surrounded by the Wild Atlantic Way in one direction, the stark and moon-like landscape of the Burren in another direction and of course, green fields and rolling hills in every other. Galway, and Ireland as a whole, is a literal cornucopia of history, myths, fairytales and folklore and it pours from the lips of every poet and busker as it has done for centuries from the lips of the seanchaí, (an Irish word for storyteller).

Growing up by the Claddagh, which is indeed where the famous and much adored Claddagh ring gets its name, we have witnessed countless people come here to trace their lineage and find their Irish roots. It is these people and the journey they undertake that is the inspiration behind Irish Creation. We want to give you something special to honour your heritage. As this is something close to the hearts of all who search for their roots, it was imperative that we provide you with only the highest standard of jewellery to complement it. This is what led us to contact our family friend, and diamond expert Noel. Now our mentor, he has been a renowned diamond jewellery specialist for over twenty-six years; and what began with us enquiring for snippets of advice soon became recommendations of where to source the finest quality materials as our relationship flourished.

All of our jewellery is lovingly handmade by expert master crafters, assuring that each piece exceeds all of your expectations. We offer you a variety of metals, 10-karat and 14-karat yellow gold, 10-karat and 14-karat white gold and sterling silver. Certain items are also available in 18-karat yellow and white gold. The quality of these metals ensures longevity in your jewellery, enabling you to pass these treasures on to your children and grandchildren for generations after you to keep your roots alive.


Noel’s interest in jewellery started as a young boy, while working in his family-owned shop in Salthill. They sold sweets the old-fashioned way, by weight, from a selection of over 400 flavours! They also sold newspapers and souvenirs and with a small section dedicated to Claddagh and Celtic souvenirs, which was rare for the time, and a big hit.


At the age of twelve he took over the management of the shop and in late 70’s, jewellery was brought in to join their stock. It was here that he built a long and loyal relationship with Solvar, who were their jewellery supplier for 10-15 years.


Noel brought his first piece of good jewellery, a double Albert chain fob watch to a local antique shop, under the recommendation of his mother. Mrs. Lydon, the shop owner was so impressed by it that she bought it from him for £25, a substantial sum in those days, and seeing the value in this transaction, it in turn led him to bank the money on another piece, sell for profit and so on, and so forth. Suffice to say, a fire had been lit in Noel.


London’s Calling! Noel realised his dream and went to London with nothing but his Irish charm, a winning personality and his family’s reputation. With these in tow, he worked for two years as the leading seller in Christie’s diamond auction room in London.


With the Celtic Tiger economic boom in full swing, Ireland was awash with money and the demand for Noel’s goods was growing fast. The boom brought travel and knowledge to the Irish people and thus, demand for his spectacular, sparkling diamonds was increasing exponentially. Noel was now a 100% private diamond jeweller.


During this year, a friendship between us at Irish Creation and Noel began to blossom. Our families had been friends for years but as our curiosity in the jewellery market was growing, it become only natural that our paths would become aligned. Starting out with snippets of advice and recommendations of where to source the finest quality goods, Noel became our mentor and is a pillar of our business to this day.


Knowing the value of a private showroom, Noel set up a workshop at his own home. People came by appointment to select their ideal piece of jewellery, and they kept coming and still do. As always, his reputation and quality is well known and not only in Ireland. As a testament to this, his Antwerp based diamond supplier has informed him that he is his smallest and yet most loyal and trustworthy client. That’s something money can’t buy!


Always striving for the utmost quality, Noel has most recently broadened his work to that of crystal chandeliers. He works with second and third generation former Waterford Crystal Plc master craftsmen to create and sell 100% authentically mouth blown, hand carved, and lovingly hand polished chandeliers. Not an ounce of this process sees the inside of a factory, keeping tradition, quality and standard to a triple X standard of excellence always.