Irish Celtic Knot Jewelry - Handmade in Ireland

Our jewellery is hallmarked in the Assay Office, Dublin Castle.

We use only solid metals when crafting our jewellery.

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There is a 3 year quality guarantee on all products.

All of our products are available in Silver, Yellow Gold and White Gold

Instantly recognisable and familiar, the Celtic Knot can also be called the mystic knot or endless knot due to it’s seemingly eternal weave, with no obvious beginning or end. This has forged a strong placeholder for it to have long been used as a gift to wish longevity, good health and good luck with new endeavours on others. Centuries ago it would have been embroidered on to clothes, which can be seen in modern Celtic inspired wedding wear; it would also have been used in pendants, earrings and brooches so that the wearer may carry this emblem of good luck at all times and this is a tradition to this day.
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