Connemara is bounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and encompasses a wide variety of natural habitats, reflecting its great geomorphologic and geological complexity. Connemara Marble is a rare form of marble found in the Connemara region. It is one of the rarest forms of marble in the world, with deposits dating back some 600 million years! The marble forms when limestone is heated under pressure. In Neolithic times, the green marble was traded as far away as Lough Gur, County Limerick, and possibly to the Boyne Valley.

‘Connemara Marble’ is a serpentine-rich rock, which has been popular since ancient times as a decorative stone. With its ‘multi-shades of green’ and its wild patterns, it represents perfectly the landscapes of the Emerald Isle. Connemara Marble has inspired artists, architects and artisans throughout the world.

All our marble is source from a Connemara Marble quarry in Recess, owned by the Joyce family.